A few years ago my good friend and trainer Terry Hincks lost his battle cancer.  We are donating part of the proceeds to cancer research in Terry's name.

Terry Hincks

5/27/1952 - 10/14/2016

Terry was passionate about many sports either playing or coaching. He was dedicated to helping seniors, encouraging youth and would especially help inner city kids. Terry loved life and excelled in all he did.


I was deeply saddened when I heard of your passing after a years long battle with cancer, and I wanted to take a moment to let you know how you touched my life. From our practical joking days at Century 21, to playing racquetball with Kevin Daley…it was always a pleasure spending time with you (I’m sure Kevin still has bruises on his butt from when instead of calling a hinder, you would hit the ball as hard as you could! That’s why you usually beat us…we would both stand off to the side for fear of getting hit!!)

I also wanted to thank-you and let you know how much I appreciated your help when I was pursuing my lifelong dream. Your unwavering commitment, support, and tough love were the biggest reasons I was able to do so.  So much of what I am doing today is the direct result of you pushing me to achieve my goals. One of the pictures is from “Unfinished Business”, the documentary that you were a big part of; the other is what you helped me to achieve.

I remember speaking to a group of First Nations people a few years ago, and when I was done, a gentleman from the audience came up to me. Because he saw you in the documentary, he shared a story with me about when he was a kid and had no skates…he said that you gave him a pair of your skates so that he could play hockey. That’s who you were Terry: for as tough as you were, I have yet to meet anyone with a bigger heart!!

Your infectious smile, laugh, energy and enthusiasm for life (and the City of Regina) have always inspired me.  I will never forget you, Terry. Rest In Peace.

Greg Horvath

A few years ago my good friend and trainer Terry Hincks lost his battle cancer.  His passion and commitment to helping me prepare me for a grueling college football training camp was critical. We lose so many good people to cancer. Because Terry was so influential to making my dream come true, I’ll be donating a percentage of proceeds of each sale of Unfinished Business to cancer research to hopefully help others live their dreams!